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(1989) Allroy's Revenge
(1989) She's My Ex (single)
(1990) Allroy Saves
(1990) Trailblazer (Live)
(1991) TonyALL: New Girl, Old Story
(1992) Dot (EP)
(1992) Percolater
(1999) ALL
Goodbye Harry:
(1995) Food Stamp BBQ
(1996) I Can Smoke
(1999) Local 1500
(2002) Beautiful (EP)
(2002) Wrecking Ball (EP)
(2002) Taco or Tambourine (EP)
(2002) Return to the Island of No Return
(2003) Prefab Unison (split EP w/No Show)
The Bonesaw Romance:
(2006) The Bonesaw Romance
Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast:
(2008) Adventure Boy
The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton:
(2010) The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton: "Sunny Disposition"
Scott Reynolds:
(2007) Livin' the Dream
(2014) Stupid World
(2021) Chihuahua in Buffalo
(2013) Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL