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Scott Reynolds - Stupid World (CD)

Scott Reynolds - Stupid World (CD)

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Scott Reynolds' 2014 self-recorded album, Stupid World. 

All instruments and vocals played and sung solely by Scott Reynolds, with the exception of "Ladders Made of Smoke," which featured talented friends including ALL-bandmate Stephen Egerton.

Track listing:
1. Uncle Rollie
2. Ladders Spaghetti Intro
3. Ladders Made of Smoke
4. Cyclops
5. Wog
6. Mr. Charmingface
7. Posie June
8. Today's Sermon
9. What Happens When You Die
10. Stupid World
11. Dr. Dave
12. The Truth About Tuesday
13. If I'm Alright
14. Beer, Gin, Crabs and Vomit
15. Boiler Room

Format: CD

(Digital format available HERE.)